The Last City

Sci-fi interactive fiction video game set in the last city in the universe.


"I’m a sucker for games with detailed politics, houses with different agendas at odds with one another, and significant narrative agency — all of which Alcyone promises to deliver." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Alcyone sounds like the sort of idea for a game I can appreciate: one that luxuriates in its prose, and doesn't start from the assumption its audience isn't interested in reading." - David Gaider (Dragon Age)

"This looks intelligent, grim and fun, and any two of those would do it for me. It's always exciting to see someone doing fresh things with the approach I hammered out for Fallen London." - Alexis Kennedy (Sunless Sea, Cultist Simulator)


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After the fall of civilisation,

the city is the only thing still standing.


Outpost Alcyone : the Nihility spread across the universe at close to the speed of light, unmaking & twisting everything it encountered. We had enough warning to protect ourselves as we saw the distant stars flicker out one by one. Alcyone's old name was forgotten and became simply the City.

Shielded and walled away from the decimation and destruction of the void outside, inhabitants have lived for centuries with the serenity provided by the City's protection. Governed under the benevolence of the Six Ruling Houses, humanity continues to demonstrate its tenacity in surviving and adapting to whatever fate befalls it. Normal life continues — after a fashion. We persist.


But the Six are lying to us.

And the Nihility is more than we've been told.

And there's a way out of the City.


Info & Features

  • Alcyone: The Last City is a dynamic, evolving story set in the last city in the universe. Centuries from now, in a society left stagnant, you step into the shoes of a blank slate newly rebirthed.

  • A riveting plot full of political intrigue, betrayal, and survival. Alcyone's main themes are entropy and decay, and the player is a rogue element capable of breaking this cycle — or taking control over it.

  • Choice drives the game and influences the story: more than giving the player the simple appearance of control, your decisions will change the options available to you, dictate the path your experience takes, and heavily decide the end of the game. Will you be a force for destruction, or will your decisions help the existing powers that be?

  • An ambitious, epic story featuring hours and hours of gameplay, with significant replayability built in from the start.

  • Diverse cast of characters, and the freedom to pick a persona that reflects who you are.

  • Gorgeous high-resolution, hand-painted digital artwork by Peak Distapan accompanies the game text to bring its writing to life in vivid detail.

  • Full length soundtrack composed by Michał Korniewicz thematically supports the story for maximum emotional impact.

  • Cross-platform and available on many systems and devices. Play on your tablet or computer, the choice is yours!

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Also planned for iOS and Android at release.

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About Joshua Meadows

Joshua Meadows is a writer, photographer, and video game developer originally from New York City & now living in Melbourne, Australia. Joshua has worked in the video game industry for over fifteen years — originally as a journalist, writing for outlets such as XY Magazine &, and later penning dialogue, plots, and storylines for video games themselves.

Joshua's debut novella series, Iyetra, was a quarterfinalist in the 2012 "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award" competition sponsored by Penguin Books, and was in the top #100 & #50 in Amazon Kindle sales in both fantasy and sci-fi, respectively, in 2012.

Joshua is also the co-founder of GX Australia, Australia's first gaming & geek culture convention for LGBTI+ gamers and allies. Its debut event in February 2016 drew over 800 attendees from all over the world for a weekend celebrating diversity, inclusivity & geekery in all its forms.