Interactive fiction game "Alcyone: The Last City" launches its crowdfunding campaign

David Gaider & Alexis Kennedy presented as stretch goals

(Melbourne Victoria, 10 April 2017) The Kickstarter campaign for "Alcyone: The Last City", an upcoming sci-fi interactive fiction title set in the last city in the universe, has gone live. Seeking AUD$5000 (USD$3750) in funding, the campaign has already reached 30% of its goal in its first 12 hours. "Alcyone" is a dynamic, evolving story that puts players in the role of a "rebirth" where their actions will dramatically impact a city teetering on the edge of decay. Inspired by narrative-heavy video games like "Killing Time at Lightspeed" and "Fallen London," "Alcyone" heavily emphasises choice and consequence and provides players with the opportunity to repair the city's status quo — or break it entirely.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, a number of guest writers have signed on as stretch goals. These include venerable industry names such as David Gaider (world designer & lead writer of the "Dragon Age" series) and Alexis Kennedy (founder and former creative director for Failbetter Games, responsible for "Fallen London" and "Sunless Sea"). Two other writers confirmed as stretch goals also include John Kane ("Killing Time at Lightspeed") and Anna Irwin-Schutze ("Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles").

"'Alcyone' sounds like the sort of idea for a game I can appreciate: one that luxuriates in its prose, and doesn't start from the assumption its audience isn't interested in reading," said David Gaider. "I've always wanted to try my hand at this sort of writing, and [if the stretch goal is achieved] I'll get the chance!"

"This looks intelligent, grim and fun, and any two of those would do it for me," said Alexis Kennedy. "It's always exciting to see someone doing fresh things with the approach I hammered out for 'Fallen London'."

Developed by lead writer Joshua Meadows, "Alcyone" features a full soundtrack composed by Michał Korniewicz and gorgeous, digitally painted artwork by Peak Distapan. The final release will contain half a million words and last an average playtime of twenty hours.

"'Alcyone' is a project I am incredibly excited to develop," said Joshua Meadows. "I've been working in the video game industry in various capacities for over fifteen years and while I've worked on many other titles and projects I've always wanted to develop my own. As my background is as a novelist, I'm thrilled to be able to bring an interactive fiction title to life in such a dynamic way to enable players to experience the world I've created. I also couldn't be more honoured to have so many talented writers jump on as stretch goals."

"Alcyone" will be available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS/Android tablets in late December 2017. A demo is available on the website containing character creation, two internship paths, and three Encounter sequences to give players insight into the game's lore/background, mechanics, and framework.

The kickstarter can be found at and more information about "Alcyone" itself can be found at


Joshua Meadows is a writer, journalist, and video game developer originally from NYC and now living in Melbourne, Australia. After working as a games journalist and critic for almost a decade, Joshua switched to writing fiction full time in 2010. His debut novella series, "Iyetra", was a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition sponsored by Penguin Books. He's also the co-founder and co-director of GX Australia, the country’s most inclusive geek, gaming, and pop-culture convention. More information about "Iyetra" can be found at

Contact: Joshua Meadows, creator & lead developer