· Alcyone: The Last City is a dynamic, evolving story set in the last city in the universe. Centuries from now, in a society left stagnant, you step into the shoes of a blank slate newly rebirthed.
· A riveting plot full of political intrigue, betrayal, and survival. Alcyone's main themes are entropy and decay, and the player is a rogue element capable of breaking this cycle — or taking control over it.
· Choice drives the game and influences the story: more than giving the player the simple appearance of control, your decisions will change the options available to you, dictate the path your experience takes, and heavily decide the end of the game. Will you be a force for destruction, or will your decisions help the existing powers that be?
· An ambitious, epic story featuring hours and hours of gameplay, with significant replayability built in from the start.
· Diverse cast of characters, and the freedom to pick a persona that reflects who you are.
· Gorgeous high-resolution, hand-painted digital artwork by Peak Distapan accompanies the game text to bring its writing to life in vivid detail.
· Full length soundtrack composed by Michał Korniewicz thematically supports the story for maximum emotional impact.
· Cross-platform and available on many systems and devices. Play on your tablet or computer, the choice is yours!