Latest News

March 31 2019 —
Alpha8 release
Added the March 2019 Patron Commission, "The Gift"
Fixes to some glossary tooltip definitions
Fixes to variable flagging in a couple Patron Encounters
February 28 2019 —
Alpha7 release
Added the February 2019 Patron Commission, "The Poet"​​​​​​​

January 31 2019 —
Alpha6 release
Added the January 2019 Patron Commission, "The Survey"
Fixes and tweaks made to the save/load dialog system

December 31 2018 —
Alpha5 release
Added the December 2018 Patron Commission, "Sensory Ordeal"
Tweaks made to appearance of in-line icons (generally reflecting a previous choice or obtained knowledge)
Fixed visual appearance of the quote symbols in chat bubbles
Writing fixes to "The Patron's First Task"

December 03 2018 —
Alpha4 release, and hopefully the final demo version
Fixed an audio crossfading issue between the main and Encounter versions of music tracks
Fixed an issue with the Mind internship's music
Fixed an issue with the Charm internship's music
Expanded the Help & Glossary section of the game to actually include the Help part of things
Glossary entries are now alphabetised and not arranged in the order that the player may encounter those terms

November 23 2018 —
Alpha3 release, and final (?) demo release
Preliminary accessibility update adding img alt text to primary icons for players using screen readers; this will be an ongoing fix, but many of the more vital icons now have proper descriptions
Added access for Supporter Content to those who were early backers or Patreon supporters
The Patron has set up shop in the City! Check Kickstarter for details about this eccentric figure
The Patron's first Commission is now playable — help him pick up a particularly special parcel
All four Attribute internships are available in the Alcyone demo now. Enjoy pursuing the Mind and Charm tracks in addition to the existing Body and Vigour ones
Slight font size tweaks to the header text at the start of each passage
Encounter "Trapped" has been tweaked to provide additional solutions for players who didn't pursue the Body internship
Made some edits to the wording in certain character creation passages, and some additional writing edits throughout the first four internships
Audio levels have been tweaked across the board to help with competing against screen readers
Fixed a crossfading bug with the Encounter versions of music tracks so spoopy ambience works like it's supposed to!
Huge overhaul to how variables are handled in the game; this breaks old save files, but should not impact them going forward
Visual tweaks to better differentiate conversation bubbles from regular story text

October 23 2018 —
Alpha2 release
Info/release notes added to the first loading screen
Autosave system implemented
Alcyone now has Objectives, and those Objectives are now exposed to the player
Counter now shows how many passages remain in each “page”
Hub locations actually work properly when the demo’s end is reached
Further visual tweaks
Removed the spinning widget from each page and reorganised the appearance & content of the sidebar
The Help button actually does something useful now!
Kickstarter backers added to the Credits overlay

April 30 2018 —
Initial Alpha1 release!
Total overhaul of the game's appearance compared to the demo
"Dyslexic-friendly" font from Fontsmith to improve overall readability
New splash, menu, and interstitial screens
Custom cursor icons
Consistent styling implemented for buttons & UI elements from the Twine engine & SugarCube 2 functionality
Massive editing/rewriting passthrough to the Alcyone prose 
Text is now broken up into much smaller "bubbles" to further improve readability
Implemented additional audio and visual effects
Preliminary fixes implemented for screen readers (this will require further testing)
Glossary tooltip system has been overhauled to improve functionality and readability
Better differentiation between dialogue "bubbles," story "bubbles," and more important game moments
Passage headers are separated and better differentiated from the rest of the story bubbles
Improvements to various CSS elements